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Founded in 2006, Medauras Global is a client focused communications firm offering a broad range of media outreach, event management, fundraising, and publishing services targeting the globally-engaged and digitally-connected generation. With a diverse portfolio of print, online, and mobile publications, social media messaging, public relations materials, media contacts, event management, and consulting experiences, Medauras provides a wide breadth of professional solutions to businesses and organizations looking to build their customer base, appeal to existing constituents, and enhance internal company strength. No matter the need, Medauras works every day to make clients more effective and more successful.

Medauras works to develop a custom approach for each individual client’s needs. Our strength is in delivering world-class capabilities for clients with limited or stretched in-house resources. Medauras enables your strategic success through our execution excellence in the following areas:

  • Content & Digital Marketing
  • Event Promotion & Event Management Services
  • Creative Content Development & Writing Services
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Fundraising Strategy & Case Statements
  • Media Support for Product Launch
  • Campaign Design & Launch
  • Partnership Development
  • Curriculum Development

Medauras produces measurable results.

We are a trusted partner that understands how to translate digital outreach into desired outcomes and return on investment for our clients.

Medauras digital strategies and event management services enable clients to connect with audiences and diverse stakeholder communities across multiple channels and platforms.

Client engagement, collaboration on strategic objectives, and our innovative approaches to digital media management define the value we deliver to clients around the world.

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